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Founded in 2003, the Professional eBay Sellers Alliance (PeSA), is the world's largest trade association dedicated to eBay's TOP sellers. PeSA members...

sell over $400 million each year on eBay (gross merchandise volume).
complete millions of transactions each year on eBay.
are predominantly Platinum and Titanium PowerSellers - eBay's largest and most prestigious sellers.

Mission Statement

The Professional eBay Sellers Alliance (PeSA) is a trade association comprised of the largest and most highly-regarded merchants, quantitatively and qualitatively, across all categories on eBay. PeSA provides a forum for members to exchange innovative and creative ideas and business solutions for the purposes of devising and implementing auction marketplace best-practices.
Core Values

PESA is devoted to promoting the highest levels of professionalism, fairness, honesty, and integrity with respect to online trade, while fostering an atmosphere of participation, creativity, responsibility, and philanthropy among its members.

Who is PeSA?
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Board of Directors

Joseph Cortese (NobleSpirit)
Founder & Chairman

Jonathan Garriss (Gotham City Online)
Executive Director

David Hardin (ShoeTime)

Adam Hersh (Adam Hersh Auctions)

Tom Mersch (99centNoReserve)

Committee Chairs

David Yaskulka (Blueberry Boutique)

Adam Hersh (Adam Hersh Auctions)

Jonathan Garriss (Gotham City Online)

John Stack (ACityDiscount)

Julie Johnson (feelgooddeals)

Organization Structure
PeSA is incorporated as a non-profit corporation to reflect our focus on education and guidance for eBay sellers and the eBay marketplace as a whole. Our pro-active and constructive approach to improving the eBay marketplace for both buyers and sellers (see our news section) has earned PeSA respect and recognition by Wall Street, the press, top eBay sellers and eBay management alike, many of whom attend our educational summits, which are open to the public.

To afford our organization the maximum flexibility with regards to promoting and endorsing ecommerce service providers and best-practices, advocating industry and political interests, and funding the organization and educational summits, PeSA has not applied for 501(c) non-profit status. Our incorporation as a non-profit corporation was established in 2005 and is symbolic of our mission.

It is PeSA's preference for our memmbers to MAKE MONEY by belonging to our organization and PeSA's proprietary marketing programs and valuable partner offers have allowed numerous members to earn money above their annual dues commitment, a trend-setting model we are proud of and hope to continue for the future.

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"PeSA has helped thousands of merchants optimize their eBay sales and I am pleased to say that my business is one of them."

- Jonathan Garriss, Executive Director and online merchant of shoes and posters.
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