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PeSA's Official Response to Seller Article - October 20, 2008
The Professional eBay Sellers Alliance was recently contacted about the efforts in the eBay community to "not shop from this holiday season" because of the damage the eBay seller community is feeling from the special pricing program eBay struck with Since this issue underscores the greater issue about the future of the eBay marketplace, we felt is was important to comment publicly on the article....
Deteriorating eBay Market Conditions Erode Seller Confidence - PeSA Official Statement - September 30, 2008
Members of the Professional eBay Sellers Alliance have been concerned with the vibrancy of the eBay marketplace for the past few years. In the first nine months of 2008, we have observed a substantial deterioration in the value of the marketplace for merchants.....
eCommerce Summit Attracts Record Attendance and Rebuilds Homes in New Orleans - April 28, 2008
Over 500 Internet professionals traveled to New Orleans for the 9th eCommerce Summit ( which concluded on April 25th. Merchants from around the world gathered for three days of learning, networking and volunteering for charity with executives from the Internet's leading companies.....
Ted Murphy to Keynote 2008 eCommerce Summit in New Orleans - March 13, 2008
The eCommerce Merchants, a leading trade association of small and medium sized ecommerce businesses, announced today that Ted Murphy, world-renowned leader in interactive marketing and founder of IZEA will be a keynote speaker at the eCommerce Summit in New Orleans on April 24th....
eBay President to Keynote 2008 PeSA Summit, PeSA Expands Membership Criteria to Include All eBay PowerSellers - March 7, 2008
The Professional eBay Sellers Alliance (PeSA), the world's largest trade association for eBay sellers, announced today that eBay's newly appointed President of eBay Global Marketplace Operations, Lorrie Norrington, will be the keynote speaker at 2008 New Orleans eCommerce Summit. PeSA has hosted a dozen events since 2003 in an effort to educate professional eBay sellers on industry and marketplace best practices....
PeSA Official Statement on Health of eBay Marketplace - June 14, 2007
It is the opinion of PeSA, that the eBay marketplace has continued to degrade and the current state is unhealthy. As PeSA highlighted in its ‘Eroding Marketplace Integrity’ statement dated January 2005, negative buyer experience would hurt the marketplace if changes were not enacted. In the interim of more than two years...
PeSA Goes Global With Expansion to Australia and Announces First International Event - March 27, 2007
PeSA has joined forces with a group of sellers halfway around the world in Australia to launch PeSA Australia, the group's first international outpost. "PeSA has built a tremendous amount of momentum in the past year and our international expansion is an exciting and important component of our long-term strategy"...
One of Forbes' 100 Most Powerful Women Keynotes at PeSA Spring 2007 Summit - March 7, 2007
Christie Hefner, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Playboy Enterprises, Inc., will keynote for an exclusive gathering of top online merchants at the Chicago PeSA Spring Summit, sponsored by eBay and PayPal, being held April 24-26, 2007...
PeSA Official Statement on eBay's Fee Changes - January 2005
For sellers who often operate on exceedingly low margins, the substantial increase in fees will dramatically affect their businesses. eBay fee changes include a 40% increase in its Gallery fee, up to a five fold increase to use the Buy it Now feature, and a 52% increase in commissions charged on eBay Store sales...
PeSA Official Statement on eBay's Marketplace Security - January 2005
The integrity of the eBay marketplace is the single largest issue challenging top sellers conducting businesses on eBay. Negative buyer experiences and the associated media coverage have created a strong caveat emptor mentality among shoppers when considering shopping on eBay...
PeSA Official Statement on eBay's INR/SNAD Process - December 2004
The Item Not Received (INR) and the Significantly Not As Described (SNAD) functions are new tools for a buyer to report an issue with a transaction. Built on the Unpaid Items (UPI) platform, it uses a similar interface for the management of open disputes on the eBay site...
PeSA Official Statement on eBay's Item Specifics - September 2004
Our roundtable discussion was attended by approximately 25 eBay power sellers across a number of categories including footwear, apparel, CDs, DVDs, pottery, collectibles, and an assortment of other items. The roundtable discussion was less about item specifics but more about the lack of information about the subject...
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Bloomberg interviews Meg Whitman: Changes Needed to Placate Sellers
By Danny King - July 3, 2007

EBay Inc., the world's largest online auction company, will upgrade its Web site to placate sellers and revitalize the company's slumping sales growth, Chief Executive Officer Meg Whitman said... Read Article
AuctionBytes Video Interview: PeSA's Jonathan Garriss talks to Ina Steiner
June 17, 2007

Gotham City Online CEO and PESA Executive Director Jonathan Garriss chats with AuctionBytes' Ina Steiner about a statement released by PESA on June 14th in which the group characterizes the state of the eBay marketplace as unhealthy... Watch Video
Piper Jaffray research: eBay Live PeSA Dinner Notes
By Aaron M. Kessler - June 14, 2007

On Wednesday, we hosted a dinner in Boston with the heads of PeSA... Based on our discussion, we believe there is a lot of unrest in the marketplace, with major concerns... Read full article - PDF
Piper Jaffray research: Comments on PeSA Official Statement on Health of eBay Marketplace
By Aaron M. Kessler - June 14, 2007

The Professional eBay Sellers Alliance (PeSA) published a position statement this morning that articulates several Powerseller concerns about the health of hte eBay marketplace... Read full article - PDF
the chatter eBay blog: The San Francisco PeSA Summit
By Colin Rule - September 27, 2006

I was lucky enough to attend the PeSA conference in San Fransisco. It was a great gathering of about 200 or 300 top sellers. As usual, PeSA put on a wonderful show, with good food and stimulating conversations... Read full article - PDF
uship "Ship Happens" blog: PeSA Heads West to San Francisco
By Mickey @ uship - September 13, 2006

On September 20-22, PeSA is holding is semi-annual summit in San Francisco and as usual, anybody who's anybody will be attending. "This summit is truly a can't-miss event for any online business. Peak online shopping months are just ahead of us and a number of industry leaders will be personally addressing attendees. The timing couldn't be better"... Read full article - PDF
Lehman Brothers: Key Takeaways From PeSA Summit
by Douglas Anmuth - September 22, 2006

We recetly attended the PeSA Fall Summit in San Francisco. We believe the key theme was the continued shift toward multi-channel selling, as evidenced by the heavy presence of Google and Amazon... Read full article - PDF
Bear Stearns: Top 5 Takeaways From Power Seller Conference
by Robert S. Peck, CFA - September 21, 2006

[Robert Peck] gave a keynote presentation on some of [his] thoughts on eCommerce to a group of 200-300 eBay power sellers at the PeSA conference in San Francisco... Read full article - PDF Tools and Opportunities for New Sellers
by Janelle Elms - March 24, 2006

With so many people using eBay to build their businesses, you have a huge network from which to draw information and ideas when you need to learn more about eBay. ... As your success takes you to the very top, there's another community you may want to join: PeSA.... Read full article - PDF Frequently Asked eBay Tax Questions
by Cliff Ennico - October 31, 2005

I had the privelege to attend the PeSA summit. [PeSA merchants] are the "Imperial Stormtrooper" of the eBay community, and they do not ask easy question. Here are some that came up in my presentation on "Business Taxes for eBay Sellers".... Read full article - PDF
TechWeb: As eBay Sellers Convene, Security Dominates Agenda
by W. David Gardner - March 17, 2005

eBay's security will be the dominant issue at [the PeSA Summit in Atlanta]. "The single most salient issue among PeSA members is security. PeSA want more stringent identification of both buyers and sellers.".... Read full article - PDF

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