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Professional Trading Assistant Help Center A FREE service from PeSA.

Need help selling on eBay? Professional eBay Trading Assistants are ready to help you get the most from your merchandise. PeSA is happy to help homeowners and collectors all over the country locate a reputable eBay trading assistant by providing this FREE locator service to the eBay community. Requests for help will be posted to sellers registered with PeSA or ECMTA.

Ready to get started? Follow these 5 steps:

1.Complete the ENTIRE form below.
2.Receive your validation email and click on the validation link.
3.Once validated, your listing will display on the PeSA Trading Assistant Bulletin Board on our SECURE (login required) website. NO personal information will be shared with the public.
4.Trading assistants will contact you directly to discuss their service and pricing.
5.You may cancel your request at ANY TIME by clicking on your validation link.

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Terms of Use: PeSA is a non-profit trade association that provides this free service to add value to the eBay community we serve. PeSA instructs all parties to use eBay and the eBay feedback system to evaluate the merits of potential sellers before engaging in a transaction and accordingly PeSA does NOT endorse, approve, sanction, guarantee or supervise in any way the actions of eBay Trading Assistants or the services they do or do not provide to clients. PeSA receives no money for providing this service and all selling terms and conditions, including the seller costs or commissions, should be negotiated directly between the parties. All parties agree to hold PeSA harmless and free of any liability in any and all disputes or litigation that may arise from the the sale or potential sale of items by Trading Assistants.

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"PeSA has helped thousands of merchants optimize their eBay sales and I am pleased to say that my business is one of them."

- Jonathan Garriss, Executive Director and online merchant of shoes and posters.
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