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At NobleSpirit we deliver a consistent high visibility, high volume, optimized 100% sale rate. Everything we post is sold.

The most professional full service operation on eBay. Specializing in Rare Coins, Stamps, Paper Money, Antiques, Books and Collectibles. Our technical, marketing and business expertise work together in unison to realize the full potential of your items or collection.

If you are interested in maximizing the potential of your items or collection, we are happy to be of service.

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Generous extensions are readily provided to buyers who wish to obtain certificates for individual stamp lots. Simply notify us in advance or at the time of purchase and advise how much time you require to submit and obtain a certificate. Failures are refunded at 100% of the purchase price, plus shipping both ways only; actual certificate costs are not refunded.


NobleSpirit guarantees your complete privacy during and after this auction.

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10/8/2018Epiphany: October Million Dollar Auction Starts Oct 9th Ends Oct 15th
9/12/2018Exhilaration - September Million Dollar Auction ends Sept 17th
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5/13/2018Internet Sales Tax - The Global Economic Risk - A Serial Entrepreneur's Perspective
5/5/2018The $1 Million May Dollar Stamp Auction Sale!
4/25/2018The United States Supreme Court To Decide The Economic Prosperity of US Businesses, NobleSpirit Million Dollar May Auction Scheduled!
3/28/2018Announcing The $1 Million Dollar Stamp Auction Sale --- NEXT 10 Days ONLY!
3/1/2018eBay's CEO, Devin Wenig on Transforming The User Experience in 2018, Hurry Don't miss your Train....500 Lionel Engines
2/16/2018eBay's Dan Tarman 'Heightened Scepticism Creates an Imperative To Get Real', 500 Lionel Engines
12/13/2017 NobleSpirit Newsletter - On the Cusp of a Transformative Juncture in the Stamp Industry + The Next Generation is Here + Blockbuster New 6-7 Figure Arrivals!
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6/8/2017Triple Feature!
4/6/2017Announcing NobleSpirit Customer Loyalty Recognition - Top Quality Trusted Relationships
3/10/2017Artificial Intelligence verses Passion
1/11/2017The other one is in the Queen’s private collection: $11 Million Dollar US & World Wide Dealer Stamp Inventory Just Acquired World’s Greatest Rarities!
10/21/2016eBay Introduces Important New Video Series For Collectors
9/29/2016Take 20% Off Millions of Dollars! Ultra Rare Inverted Jenny just landed!
9/6/20169-6-2016 NobleSpirit Newsletter - Just arrived! - Coins, Coins, Coins and yes more Gold, Silver Rare, Exciting and yes, Valuable Investment and Collector Coins!
7/21/2016 eBay Beats The Street
7/15/2016Special Partnership Announcement Important & spectacular multi-million dollar new arrivals
7/11/2016The Trajectory Of Rare Collectibles
6/27/2016The Act of Liberation: Investment
6/20/2016One Billion Unique items + On the Critical Matter of Privacy
6/17/2016eBay Hal Lawton’s Deep Dive into Fundamentals + NobleSpirit Honored
6/10/2016The eBay Network Effect, $3.4 million for Lunch with Warren Buffet + 50 Million Stamp and Coin Collectors
6/3/2016eBay First Mover In The Global Sharing Economy - Announcing Our New 22,000 sq ft Office/Warehouse Facility
5/20/2016Wall Street Journal - Unforbidden Pleasures of Possessions + eBay - The Center of the Collectibles Universe
5/14/2016NobleSpirit Newsletter - On The Principle of Economic Democracy + It doesn’t get more exciting than this!
5/2/2016An Explosion of Trust + A History of the World Since the Beginning of Time!
4/25/2016Motley Fool on eBay and What to expect in 2016
4/11/2016Micro businesses go global
3/11/2016 $5 Million In Collections Just Added - Former eBay Exec Appointed New President PESA AU ! Important $10 Million Archive Just Acquire
2/17/2016A view from the top of eBay - and Noblespirit (Jenny) world record prices realized on eBay
2/10/2016eBay's North Star
2/5/2016"It matters to me that what I do everyday means something in the world..."
1/30/2016Taking The Long View...leaving the critics behind
1/18/2016Outstanding Recent Arrivals: Rarities, Key Issues for Advanced Collectors and Investors
1/8/2016Start The New Year with Treasure: Gold, Diamonds, Rare Key Coins and Rare Stamps
1/1/2016Happy New Year - World Record Prices in 2015!
12/25/2015Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays
12/18/2015This Just In! - $800,000 China, Russia inventory! Step Inside NobleSpirit
12/11/2015eBay Leadership vision begins to take shape - Step Inside NobleSpirit
12/4/2015Be The Next Big Thing - Step Inside NobleSpirit
11/27/2015Thank You - Hal Lawton On eBay Entrepreneur Hotspots - Prices Realized
11/13/2015Consensus - The Power of 1c No Reserve
11/6/2015East Meets West - eBay "ALL IN" Asia-Pacific!
10/19/2015IMPORTANT German Colonies Cover Collection Just Listed
10/9/2015The Business of eBay's Business - IMPORTANT PRESIDENTIAL AUTOGRAPHS - Civil War BATTLEFIELD Diary
10/2/2015Goldman Sachs Analysis; $1,600,000 Million Dollar China Turnkey Inventory
9/25/2015Honored to be selected 1 of 20 eBay Sellers in 25 Million
9/16/2015Important Postal History Event! 14 Vol US arrived, won't last!
9/14/2015eBay's plans for conquest in a $14 trillion dollar opportunity
9/10/2015Quick NewsFLASH
9/3/2015eBay Is Disruptive - Exhilarating US Collections - Powerful Coins
8/28/2015Trust Delivered - Exhilarating US Collections - Powerful Coins
8/20/2015Infographic The Business of eBay - Recent Investment Class Assets SOLD at NobleSpirit
8/14/2015The Personification Of eBay
8/7/2015The Next Big Thing at eBay
7/31/2015eBay is 20 Years Old
7/24/2015The Re-Birth of eBay
7/16/2015IMPORTANT China's Greatest Rarities Come To Market
7/4/2015July 4th Fireworks at Noblespirit
6/22/2015Noblespirit In the Recent News
6/11/2015Linn's Feature, UNPARALLELED $450,000 Postal History Collection & $850,000 Penny Red Study
6/5/2015Amazing $750,000 58 Scott Album Collection
5/29/2015NobleSpirit to be FEATURED In Linn's June 8th Edition
5/8/2015$475,000 Collection Sold, eBay International Trade & Tax Initiatives
4/23/2015The Next Chapter of eBay
3/13/2015eBay Marketplace News
2/13/2015eBay Regarding the PayPal Spinoff: Direct from the eBay Inc Blog
1/30/2015The eBay Marketplace Stance on Socio-Economic Responsibility
1/23/2015The British Are Coming
1/16/2015We collect for the present. We invest for the future.
11/21/2014The Power and Connectivity Of Auctions
10/17/2014NGC HIGH GRADE World Wide COINS!

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