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March 27, 2007


Jonathan Garriss
Executive Director, PeSA

Phil Leahy
President, PeSA Australia

PeSA Goes Global With Expansion to Australia and
Announces First International Event

March 27, 2007, Australia – The Professional eBay Sellers Alliance (PeSA) has joined forces with a group of sellers halfway around the world in Australia to launch PeSA Australia, the group’s first international outpost.

"PeSA has built a tremendous amount of momentum in the past year and our international expansion is an exciting and important component of our long-term strategy," notes PeSA’s Executive Director, Jonathan Garriss. “Anywhere in the world where there is a concentrated online retailer base, PeSA can add value and we are actively exploring all our options."

Over the past 12 months PeSA has formed strategic relationships with "Online Market World," a major industry trade show set to launch in October 2007 in San Francisco; the eCommerce Merchants Trade Association, an organization that serves online retailers that are not eBay’s top sellers; The Chase Group, a premier event management firm; and a number of prominent Internet companies.

Phil Leahy, the Managing Director of Entertainment House, an Australian online retailer of music, DVDs and games, will be the President of PeSA Australia. Mr. Leahy is one of the highest volume sellers on eBay Australia and a long-time committee member of PeSA. He is a former executive at Sony Music and brings 22 years of successful entrepreneurial experience to his new position, in addition to considerable Australian business resources. "I have been attending PeSA events in the US since the second summit in Las Vegas in October 2004," commented Phil Leahy, "PeSA has been instrumental in our growth and success and I am excited by the opportunity to help other Australians reap the benefits of PeSA membership."

PeSA Australia is celebrating its launch by hosting summits in Sydney and Melbourne in July 2007. Details on the events are to be announced shortly, although they are already fully funded by prominent sponsors.

Founded in 2003, PeSA is a non-profit trade association comprised of the largest and most highly-regarded merchants, quantitatively and qualitatively, across all categories on eBay. PeSA provides a forum for members to exchange innovative and creative ideas and business solutions for the purposes of devising and implementing auction marketplace best-practices. PeSA members sell over $400 million a year on eBay.
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"PeSA has helped thousands of merchants optimize their eBay sales and I am pleased to say that my business is one of them."

- Jonathan Garriss, Executive Director and online merchant of shoes and posters.
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