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NobleSpirit Newsletter - Activist eBay Investors, March MILLION Dollar Auction

This month's March Million Dollar Auction is simply not to be missed.
From today! Friday, Mar 8, 2019 2:00 PM to Monday, Mar 18, 2019 3:00 PM 

There are over 500 stamps over $500.00 catalogue value! 

Over 250 stamps over $1,000.00 catalogue value. Many in the $1,000.00 to $40,000.00 CV range!
  • Important and rare US early classic proofs, specimens, multiples, major errors
  • High value early classic mint Great Britain and Commonwealth
  • Particular strength in mint France classics and exciting French Colonies rarities
  • Rare Canada Errors and Revenue proofs.
  • US and WW Inverted centers, Inverted overprints, major Imperf between, much more
The March Million Dollar Auction will populate over a 3 day period from, Friday the 8th, Saturday the 9th, and Sunday the 10th. By Sunday the evening 10th, the complete roster of stamps will be live on eBay. So, check daily over this weekend, bid often and enjoy a true blockbuster auction of seldom seen premium quality rarities!
Activist Investors at eBay's Gate
I was honored to be one of the few sellers invited to the celebration that launched PayPal's Nasdaq public offering on July 20th, 2015. If you are reading this email, you join colleagues in the financial sector, national and international media. You have been following PESA and NobleSpirit since 2002. You know our willingness to join conversations that may impact merchants. Click here for the official eBay corporate statement
From a merchant's perspective, while eBay's trajectory over the years has been a combination of equally strong internal and external factors, it has been our experience that the eBay marketplace has experienced more management induced core traction since Devin Wenig and his leadership team assumed the helm, than in all years previous.
Doubtless, board diversity under the right conditions is never anything but a very good thing. On the surface, this occasion seems to indicate just such a circumstance. However, it comes on the heels of calls for dividends, relinquishing free cash flow and liquidation of diversified asset portfolios, because eBay has been and continues to be so profitable. The language in the document references shareholder value. We look forward to similar language acknowledging the opportunity to achieve optimization in a number of verticals such as collectibles and platforms such as the powerful and under utilized auction functionality with even more category specific investment attention. 

Assuming we can all walk and chew gum, I've always ascribed to the principle that vision is as multi-dimensional as it is multi-faceted. It is unnecessary to carve out diversity to focus on core. It is useful to keep in mind the many years of strategic investing for the future that have allowed Amazon and others to become their current behemoth forms. 
It's about investing in the future.
In our opinion, eBay has  the distinct and very rare privilege of a unique purpose driven competitive advantage that builds true long lasting value. Although eBay was arguably the first mover in socio-economics, the reasons for engagement extend well beyond identifiable human interaction. While at NobleSpirit relationships are our strength, at eBay - lives are forever changed for the better. It speaks to an unparalleled advantage that is the envy of every other marketplace out there.
I hope the new board will put their belief a perpetual long view; and, their trust in Wenig and his superb leadership team. The execution and plan which has clearly been working confirms the results can only get better. 

In our next newsletter, we discuss our NobleSpirit secret sauce.
And, we continue to tease you with the imminent announcement in the next couple of weeks of an exciting new development.



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