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NobleSpirit Newsletter - eBay's Next CEO - Oct Million Dollar Auction Starts Today- Stamp Market Index Press Release

The October NobleSpirit Million Dollar Auction starts today! 

This month we welcome several large estate consignments that include marvelous individually significant single stamps and country collections. We also clear some old favorites from our NobleSpirit eBay store to rotate fresh incoming stock. Here are some outstanding, popular or otherwise quite fantastic rarities for your enjoyment. Feast on this fabulous array of premium asset class investment grade. But remember, you can only do so once. Once these are gone, finding another comparable unique specimen such as the only one of 4 GB O-1 pairs or the spectacular gem 5 Pound orange seen in the above images will become the pursuit of a lifetime, that may never come to fruition. 
Instead here is your chance now. The most recent GB O-1 pair, not as well centered as this one, offered on the market by a major British auction firm did not quite meet the $30,000 reserve. This one has a remarkably low starting price and it will be sold to the highest bidder.
Many more to be found ending daily - between now and last day of the sale on - Sunday, October 13th! Including a vast number of intact US, world wide and specialized country collections! Click here!
Stamp Market Index

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  • User interactive feedback - your suggestions to improve the SMI search
  • Price Alert - to better value your collection and target acquisitions within price parameters
  • more

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eBay's Next CEO
It was in Washington, DC that I met Devin Wenig some years ago. On a roof top overlooking the Capitol, he told me that running eBay wasn't about the money. He said he had enough. For him, it was about the thrill of waking up and knowing you've made a difference in the world. At dinner, Devin spoke to a group of some 20 eBay merchants. In contrast to previous eBay CEO's I have had the honor to know over the years, his speech was unequivocally one of the most heartfelt and passionate visions of eBay I have ever heard.  

Perhaps the only issues I have ever disagreed with Devin, would be a premature reliance on (AI) Artificial Intelligence, invasive advertising that dilutes the core item experience and lack of investment in the auction platform. Yet, it must be remembered that in the grand scheme of things, technology is merely a fledgling blue blooded colt waiting to become a thoroughbred.  Devin took commanding control of today's available technology leveraging it ever closer to ideas in the future, some well before their time.  

The eBay Board's strategic plan as published some months ago also does make viable sense in many respects. It will be a question of alignment and balance with respective expectations and agendas. The Board also articulated a powerful presence of mind, one with considerable ability to leverage eBay's positioning. In concert with that plan, it is my hope that it will always be remembered that those things that are long lasting may not always be immediate. 
The official press announcement states that the Board may search either internally or externally for a new CEO. In either case, the board would not be wrong, while executing the necessary practical deliverables, to maintain focus on the essence of a culture that has established itself as the pioneer first mover, but more importantly the great differentiator of online human relationships. 
In a recent analyst call, while encapsulating the concept of eBay, Devin said, "'s what the world would be like without eBay." It was then that one realized the significance of that passion. He was referring to that very difference it (eBay) has made in helping to make entrepreneurial dreams come true and the establishment of unique connections between us. 
I can think of several eBay executives that would make fine world class leaders whom given the chance could easily take the marketplace into the next decade with fresh ideas. The passion that describes the thrill of waking up and knowing you've made a difference in the world exists at an intensity that runs through all of eBay like an inescapable sublime under-current of the human condition. 

Joe Cortese


       Over $15,000,000.00 million dollars worth of stamps and collections on eBay!

Click on our eBay NO RESERVE Auctions and eBay Store for an amazing and exciting journey to see millions of dollars worth of individual stamps and collections INTACT as received from the estate.



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