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The most professional full service operation on eBay. Specializing in Rare Coins, Stamps, Paper Money, Antiques, Books and Collectibles. Our technical, marketing and business expertise work together in unison to realize the full potential of your items or collection.

If you are interested in maximizing the potential of your items or collection, we are happy to be of service.

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Generous extensions are readily provided to buyers who wish to obtain certificates for individual stamp lots. Simply notify us in advance or at the time of purchase and advise how much time you require to submit and obtain a certificate. Failures are refunded at 100% of the purchase price, plus shipping both ways only; actual certificate costs are not refunded.


NobleSpirit guarantees your complete privacy during and after this auction.

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NobleSpirit Newsletter - When eBay changed everything - April Million Dollar Auction - 3 days left!



It wasn't that long ago that the unthinkable was literally unimaginable. Yet, today all of humankind is faced with a singular challenge to civilization itself, manifest at every societal and economic level. When crude oil prices turn negative we know we are in uncharted territory no one thought possible. Enough has been written in the past 8 weeks, compiling every analysis, and projecting every model for many more months to come. It comes down to one thing.
Safe haven.


In the coming weeks we have invited a renowned author, whom has spent decades establishing the tangible values for asset class investment grade stamps to join us on eBay to assemble clusters of recommended stamps based on their historical performance.
We will also expand on these concepts in our next Stamp Market Index newsletter. So if you haven't already signed up for our newsletters there, don't delay.
It was eBay that changed everything.
Just over 20 years ago, a declining stamp, coin and collectibles industry was transformed overnight by eBay's frictionless global access to world markets. Today, as stamp shows close for business, traditional auction companies along with clubs and all other manner of gatherings place indefinite postponements or cancellations of their scheduled events, it is eBay that has; and, will continue to change everything going forward. The migration from the real world to the virtual world has already commenced, and in many respects will probably never return to the world as we once knew it. Not only do we see a tremendous surge of adoption to stamp collecting by younger generations born and raised on the Internet, those of us with our fair share of grey locks certainly plan to take extra precautions before venturing out for safety's sake. As masses of dealers and collectors once again descend on eBay, as they did all those years ago, so also is that shift taking place now, like never before. Like never before, eBay has never been so relevant for our industry or so profound and necessary for any aspiring entrepreneur with a dream.


What the Analysts are saying about eBay
4/13/20 "Our proprietary tracker of GMV suggests that volumes increased both on a dollar and Y/Y growth basis since late March (three consecutive weeks of volume growth), reaching the highest level of growth in our tracker in more than a year."
4/9/20 "More broadly, we believe eBay has a competitive advantage in e-commerce outside of "new in-season" products, which is largely the domain of eBay's individual and SMB seller base."
                                                   NobleSpirit April Million Dollar Auction
      Here are some exciting highlights. You set the price at absolute no reserve
Search for: 
                  NobleSpirit No Reserve (RB)
                *    NobleSpirit No Reserve (TT)
                *    NobleSpirit No Reserve (JMS)
                *    NobleSpirit No Reserve (M19) 
                *    And many more - click here!
Item picture   NobleSpirit No Reserve (TT) GERMANY Colonies "Yacht" Var Collection =$2,930 CV!
Item picture   NobleSpirit No Reserve (TT) Choice XF US 38 Mint LH = $1,900 CV 30 Orange

April Monthly Million Dollar Sale 
April 13th to April 23rd
Our mission is to excite you on eBay!

Ultimately, stamp collecting and investing is about a camp fire story. The story of some of these collections trace the origins of some of the most sought after philatelic achievements. To own them is to become part of a legacy in perpetuity for generations to come.

At NobleSpirit, it is our mission to leave our customers and viewers with the distinct feeling that each time they come to a NobleSpirit listing they find it an experience that is truly an exhilarating journey of discovery. 


Stamp Market Index
Search the largest database of stamp prices realized ever compiled

and made available to the public

Single user or multi-national company,
automate your business with the push of a button.
Meridian is the ultimate solution for online auction management.
(arriving Q1 2020)


Thinking of selling?

NobleSpirit's commitment to excellence, expertise, and efficiency breaks from traditional consignment models to bring you directly into the process of selling your material with the most comprehensive and transparent state-of-the-are reporting system.


Outright Sale

  • We are always interested in buying large holdings and estates.
  • We are eager to travel any distance to evaluate and make an offer with a view to purchase significant collections or estates.
  • We pay more, because we consistently realize the highest prices on eBay.


Each and every individual retail opportunity in your collection, whether it is a single stamp, set, country specific sector, topic, diverse group, or eclectic mixture will realize its maximum market value on eBay with our focused process on taking as many photographs as necessary to make 100% certain that 100% of your collection receives
full exposure.

                 Call the office (603) 435-6672



       Over $15,000,000.00 million dollars worth of stamps and collections on eBay!

Click on our eBay NO RESERVE Auctions and eBay Store for an amazing and exciting journey to see millions of dollars worth of individual stamps and collections INTACT as received from the estate.



 No one sells more high value stamp collections on eBay,....than we do at NobleSpirit!

Only on eBay, no one has in stock or has sold more 6 figure stamp collections on eBay than .

NobleSpirit Traffic Analytics on eBay!

Approximate average monthly:
9,626,095 Listing Impressions, 204,671   Page Views
A listing impression occurs when a live query is executed by a viewer.


Look no further.
-You set the price when buying at absolute no reserve
-NobleSpirit guarantees 100% satisfaction when buying or selling
-You are at the center of the single most transparent consignment process on the planet.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are in receipt of this email, you are one of over 110,000+ NobleSpirit customers, in over 76 countries around the globe!

In addition to our regular subscribed NobleSpirit customers, our NobleSpirit Newsletter readership includes; world class collectors of repute, many of whom have set world record prices for asset class acquisitions from ourselves and others. Our NobleSpirit Newsletter is also widely read by CEO's and their management teams and decision makers representing over $40 billion of national and international conglomerates (many of whom originated membership through PESA (Professional eBay Sellers Alliance). Lastly, our readership includes avid interest from a large number of subscribed financial analysts, local, national and international media and specialist collectibles journalists.

We sell stamp and coin collections,
intact as received, at $0.01 -NO RESERVE- on eBay
....each and every evening at 6pm EST

Thank you,
The NobleSpirit Team
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* Over 65,000 customers!
* Over 76 countries served around the globe!
* 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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