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At NobleSpirit we deliver a consistent high visibility, high volume, optimized 100% sale rate. Everything we post is sold.

The most professional full service operation on eBay. Specializing in Rare Coins, Stamps, Paper Money, Antiques, Books and Collectibles. Our technical, marketing and business expertise work together in unison to realize the full potential of your items or collection.

If you are interested in maximizing the potential of your items or collection, we are happy to be of service.

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Generous extensions are readily provided to buyers who wish to obtain certificates for individual stamp lots. Simply notify us in advance or at the time of purchase and advise how much time you require to submit and obtain a certificate. Failures are refunded at 100% of the purchase price, plus shipping both ways only; actual certificate costs are not refunded.


NobleSpirit guarantees your complete privacy during and after this auction.

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Noblespirit In the Recent News

- My Son Michael Cortese and the Family Business

We were honored to be featured in a Father's Day article yesterday written by Nick Reid, Concord Monitor, preeminent New Hampshire State press.

While it cannot be denied that small business forms the backbone of our national economy, and that is reason enough to focus on this important facet of our national success story, there is a compelling notion that I believe the author was particularly drawn to. eBay as a marketplace opportunity is especially suited to inducing today's youth to enter their respective family businesses. They come to the family table eager to leverage their technological skills and fresh ideas in an environment specifically constructed by eBay to foster and reward innovation. Never before has such an economic development opportunity existed on such a grand global scale.

Take the case of the coin dealer whom for decades operated a coin operation, which although successful was limited in distribution and access to markets by shows, mail order, retail and auctions. Enter his son into the family business, overnight he took all the coins in the safe, photographed them and listed them on eBay. Today that business turns over $20 million plus on eBay in annual sales.

When my son Michael enter the family business at Noblespirit, a couple of years ago, he likewise transformed it into a powerhouse we could only imagine years ago. Read how he shaped Noblespirit into what it is today and his vision for the future.


***Noblespirit Top eBay Stamp Seller Turns Consignment Into Online Success

“For those (collectors or dealers) who don’t wish to build the infrastructure necessary to manage the vast operational stress required to sell online, they can rely on us (NobleSpirit) to provide a complete soup to nuts service for them.” “As a close family business, the fundamental core values that underpin and drive our business, are instilled throughout our entire corporate culture.  These are the very ideals the market seeks to engage in a trusted relationship with a company such as ours that is charged with the responsibility to manage the very best possible optimization of valuable assets.” Deeply passionate professional performance every step of the way.”


1) Look for (RGid) for an incredible NEAR COMPLETE US mint singles collection that is being offered over the next 3-4 days. Each stamp offered individually, many of which are sensational, and many more with clean certificates

2) Click on this $37,000 US Collection for a journey back in time to a fully intact 1970's J.H. Stolow Auction. Imagine you are there right now....Only 7 days left to bid on this rarest of events, from the (JG) estate


On HIGH Dollar value FIXED PRICE listings only, terms are available, please contact us to discuss how we can help you acquire that dream come true collection or massive turn-key dealer inventory that can help you on your journey to online success. Including all these below and more.


Simply put, this is a collection that must be seen to be believed. In our assessment exceedingly rare postal history such as this is much rarer than rare coins and even better than pure gold!
See for yourself…!
Ex Dr Beckwith, this is an unparalleled complete position plate number study of Great Britain Scott number 33 Penny Red.
Plate number 77 is of course omitted,
Plate number 225 has 71 very fine copies with an additional Plate 225 on cover!
This is not a typical consecutive plate number collection. This is an unmatched collection of complete plate number position plates! Except for plate number 225 which has 71 marvelous examples present, all other plates are complete with 480 subjects in their proper respective positions!
It would be impossible to duplicate this collection at current values, the cost would simply be prohibitive.
We have been instructed by the estate to offer this collection intact in the first instance, with a reserve worthy of the $850,000.00 basic catalogue value. Not figured in the fundamental catalogue value are varieties, earliest known uses, special cancels or other scarce or rare sundry added value!




***NobleSpirit 3927/1 $750,000+ 58 Scott Album A-Z 1840-Date ESTATE 1000+ Photos
If you have ever wondered what it means to spend
a lifetime building a collection of this magnitude, we can assure you it is
daunting. You will recall the $4 million 270 album collection we had listed for
$475,000.00. There are few words to describe it.
This collection is another one of those
experiences that must be seen to be believed. Call us, schedule an appointment.
However, do not miss it, because the 1000 plus photos we took to attempt to
represent the contents, barely scratch the surface of the material involved.


Thank you,
The Noblespirit Team

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* Over 65,000 customers!
* Over 76 countries served around the globe!
* 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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