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Generous extensions are readily provided to buyers who wish to obtain certificates for individual stamp lots. Simply notify us in advance or at the time of purchase and advise how much time you require to submit and obtain a certificate. Failures are refunded at 100% of the purchase price, plus shipping both ways only; actual certificate costs are not refunded.


NobleSpirit guarantees your complete privacy during and after this auction.

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eBay is Disruptive

Next week eBay celebrates its 20th Anniversary. In that time, it has literally turned transformed the way people trade with each other.

In a post yesterday, on LinkedIn's Pulse Ezine, Devin Wenig, eBay CEO wrote an extraordinary heartfelt message in which he describes the power of eBay, what has made it such an astonishing phenomenon and a brief glimpse into his vision for the future. "Building on our incredible heritage, eBay will continue to be a pioneer, at the forefront of e-commerce.", he said. I happen to find profound significance in this statement. Primarily because 'to be at the forefront of ecommerce' is such an coy assertion for most companies to make. It rolls effortlessly off the tongue, and so we have seen so many private and public corporations latch on to it with ease. However, unlike most other companies that may experience a temporary sort term top of mind news cycle, few can actually boast the creation and proliferation of a marketplace such as eBay that has literally changed so many lives for the better, and enabled so many to realize their dreams so completely and consistently over the course of 2 decades.

"None of this would have happened were it not for the ability of ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Every day, on our [eBay] marketplace, traditional barriers of language, distance and borders are being broken down. Anyone with an idea, access to the Internet and the will to succeed can build a better life for themselves and their families, secure in the knowledge that they’re operating in a safe and trusted marketplace."

At its core, eBay is a company with thousands of employees who simply love the company they work for. They are driven by deeply felt beliefs in the great things that people can accomplish, when purposed with enriching the lives of others and our collective well being. I have seen scores of eBay executives, managers and staff inspired by the energy that comes from connectivity. To have the ability to literally change the world is the stuff that imagination is made of.

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY in the 1950's, 60's, 70's was an intensely memorable time for stamp and coin collectors. There was a stamp and coin shop on virtually every street corner. Nassau St was the thrill of a lifetime, Gimbels, Stampazine, The Strand in London abuzz with a beehive of philatelic activity, all immortalized in our minds forever. If the silver dollar on its way across the counter of my local bank in 1964 as equal trade for my crisp silver certificate wasn't uncirculated, it was not going to make the cut in my coin collection. We found 1909-S VDB's and 3 legged nickels in pocket change at the corner candy store. After many years of countless trade shows, mail order, print advertising, and traditional auctions, eBay disrupted an astounding deeply imbedded dynamic; however, opened up immensely exhilarating new opportunity. While a handshake is tremendously satisfying, technology has provided access to serendipitous experiences on an exponential scale. We can now view vast stamp and coin collections from any corner of the globe as though we were watching a movie. We can instantly acquire a collection containing hundreds of albums or hundreds of thousands of dollars in value with the simple click of a mouse.

And there's plenty of room for further disruption on eBay itself by visionary and innovative sellers adopting new and imaginative methods to present their merchandise and position their brands. It may be a coy assertion to make, but at NobleSpirit, we like to think that we have disrupted the way stamps and coins are sold on eBay. With significant investments in our technology and infrastructure, we plan to do some very exciting things in the coming months ahead. By the way, kudos to Kelleher and Co. for producing a magnificent new format magazine, quite refreshingly disruptive!

NobleSpirit NO RESERVE Colossal $69,000 CV US Album from 1&2 w/Certs, 230-245, , complete 1869 Pictorials, Trans-Missippi and much, much more!

If you are in the market for a highly extensive US collection from #1 and #2 with complete sets to top values, think in terms of the fact that this collection would normally sell for $25,000.00 or more NET in any land based traditional auction house. But opportunities such as this are extremely rare at .01cent NO RESERVE. If it's worth $25,000.00 at a traditional auction, how much is it worth to you on eBay!


This fantastic mint collection from early issues boasts $29,000 catalogue value and nearly $900 just in FV.


One of the most fascinating Early Bust Half dollar (1806-1838) collections you will ever encounter. Every coin was gently cleaned and placed in an old Wayte Raymond holder over 100 years ago. Consequently every coin exhibits the same perfect steely blue stunningly dramatic rainbow toning. An event such as this cannot be replicated regardless of the effort and expense. Spectacular grades to GEM BU

*** IMPORTANT*** $1/2 Million Dollar Postal History Event

COMING Sept 17th To Sept 26th
A Special eBay Promotion for NobleSpirit

-Important Civil War Patriotics
-Rare Express and Wells Fargo
-Rare High CV US Classics on Cover, with rare uses
-Rare Canal Zone
-China, World Wide
-And Much More

---DISNEY!!! If you are an advanced collector who has been waiting for a major asset class investment in this area, this is an astonishing estate available as one lot with tremendous retail potential as well for instant profit as well! Make an offer!

---Walt Disney Signed the Richardson Expedition Cover! One of the World's Greatest Rarities open to your offer! Departing from Detroit to Cape Horn in a prototype car, Richardson and his colleagues were called the "Three Damn Fools". Despite improbable and ridiculous odds, they braced, storms, crimes, wild animals and insane adventures.   If you've been waiting to investment

--- If you love Air Mail, this collection is an unrepeatable thrill of a lifetime. There truly are no works to describe it. Moreover, at only $65,000 sale price, it is both unmatched and unrepeatable. MAKE AN OFFER!


---China's Greatest Air Mail cover collection is another literally unsurpassed, unrepeatable experience that only comes along once in a lifetime. At $38,000 sale price it's overdue to fly out of here. MAKE AN OFFER! See for yourself:

A US Singles collection is on the way to us, expected to be priced in the middle six figures. It encompasses 1-299 only! However, the magnitude of great and valuable rarities, including phenomenal census classed Proofs will provide a thrill for the most accomplished collector/investor.

  Thank you, The Noblespirit Team

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