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Generous extensions are readily provided to buyers who wish to obtain certificates for individual stamp lots. Simply notify us in advance or at the time of purchase and advise how much time you require to submit and obtain a certificate. Failures are refunded at 100% of the purchase price, plus shipping both ways only; actual certificate costs are not refunded.


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NobleSpirit Newsletter - eBay Hal Lawton’s Deep Dive into Fundamentals + NobleSpirit Honored


Great leadership vision and execution is key to driving business success. However, vision isn’t exclusively about the formation of compelling concepts or the formation of great unique ideas. Great vision is often about the the wisdom and courage to execute the mundane, yet elemental principles that establish the foundations of trust and shared goals that bind us together.


Hal Lawton, eBay VP Marketplaces, has only been at eBay for just over one year. In this short span of time, he has not only embraced the understanding that a marketplace is the sum of its parts, he has picked up the sharpest trowel he could find to get right to work on the building blocks of the eBay marketplace. eBay is a brick by brick construction of categories. Each category is a unique marketplace in itself. Economies within an economy.


This week, NobleSpirit was honored to be invited to eBay’s Top Seller Summit for Collectibles in San Jose. We were also quite pleasantly surprised and humbled when the audience was presented with a video showing of our corporate video (which can be found on


Reminiscent of our bi-annual PESA ( conferences, this top seller summit was major step forward for eBay in the right direction, with a huge difference from previous conferences. Laser focus. Penetration into the molecular composition of eBay at the category specific level. Whereas in the past, these summits have been general in nature, this one was the stuff of specialists.


A healthy marketplace is a direct reflection of a healthy seller base. At the core category level you will find competitors actively defining the philosophical implications and practical logistics of a market. The greater the number of competitors, the greater the validity and vibrancy. In addition, the greater the personal and professional interaction of these competitors among themselves, well then…..the far greater the possibility of identifying and realizing new and robust opportunity. Competition is a creative process.


eBay is a unique marketplace with 1 billion unique products in countless unique vertical categories, sold by a unique community of countless uniquely qualified competitors. Considering eBay’s capability to frame such a massive offensive and defensible strategic ecommerce advantage with its vast human and technological resources, I would assume this was certainly on Hal’s mind when he decided to roll his sleeves up and take a journey down to the shop floor where the action is. Among other things, one of the first orders of business was to significantly augment the number of category executives, managers and staff. It’s the volleys in the trenches that keep any good leader awake at night just as often as the board table.

If you have missed one of our newsletter or would like to join the list:


NobleSpirit SUPERLATIVE World CLASS Germany COLONIES $200,000 CV in 1996 CERTS!

Sold as a single lot for a limited time only before we are instructed by the consignor to break this collection! 1275 photos. See for yourself!


NobleSpirit IMPORTANT Germany China Offices 17-23 with CERTIFICATES

Siegel sold the key value some years ago, for nearly as much as we are selling the entire set.


NobleSpirit USA Spectacular LIFETIME Achievement U.S. Single & Block INVESTMENT!

We are thrilled to offer this unparalleled collection of outstanding US mint singles in blocks. Representative of some of the rarest and most difficult to obtain key and semi-key issues, it would take enormous expense and well over a lifetime to replicate this superlative world class investment.


NobleSpirit UN Incredible $2,200,000 Face Value UNITED NATIONS From No1   - Sold AS 1 LOT

When considering that the mint face value alone amounts to $2,200,000, then the actual retail value is virtually incalculable, and likely in the vicinity of $10,000,000 to $15,000,000 million dollar range. This is an unprecedented dealer/investment asset class offering that will clearly pay huge dividends. offered at a mere fraction of its true value. Please review the list provided on our listing and we urge you to make an appointment to view.


NobleSpirit USFV Incredible $380,000 US Mint FACE VALUE Inventory!   - SOLD AS 1 LOT

Indeed, you are reading this correctly, this is an incredible inventory of US MINT NEVER HINGED Face Value, amounting to over $380,000.00. Comprised of all the premium high retail and postage value issues one could hope for, the inventory boasts over $19,000.00 in dollar values and includes premium se-tenants, sheets, mini sheets and more with NOTHING less that 10c denominations!


Also in our eBay store this week, a marvelous France 21a with fresh PF cert (CV=$180,000), an outstanding 16 WW Scott album collect, a $60,000 CV Pitcairn Island Collection, A spectacular French Colonies PROOF Rarities Collection, incredible Specialized Italy,



Important $10 Million Archive Just Acquired

Imagine walking into a museum of natural history of sorts. Imagine being surrounded by 500,000 of the world's greatest treasures and historically significant artifacts. That was the experience we had these past two weeks as our teams of historians carefully packed and shipped to several of our auxiliary warehouse facilities one of the finest collections of valuable antiques (including pre-Columbian, Rare Egyptian, Roman, Medieval).

Sports memorabilia, including  historically significant baseball rarities from the inception of the sport, including never before seen Babe Ruth and other archives.

Countless important autographs and memorabilia from super rock stars such as the Beatles and more.

Over 50,000 Presidential and other never before seen historically significant autographs.

If you love original paintings and original sculpture and art, you will not believe the exhilaration you will experience once you see our listings come to life over the next few weeks and months as we work to make these incredible opportunities available to you in our no reserve auctions and fixed price stores!


*** World Record prices at NobleSpirit on eBay

Visit :


Also visit the latest Linns article about us:

Did you know that NobleSpirit holds not one but the two highest world record prices of the Jenny UNInvert right side up Souvenir Sheet. In November we sold the first sheet we had in stock for $78,000.00 and recently sold the second sheet we had on hand for $84,000.00!

Check our prices realized function on our website for some of the incredible collections we have sold on eBay in just the last 6 months. THIS Not only a testament to the strong positioning of our brand and reputation, but also the incredible eBay marketplace and certainly the vitality and excitement of the (collectors, investors, hobbyists) in the stamp industry itself !

We currently have on offer the most valuable, highest priced, and most exciting stamps and collections for sale on eBay!











****NobleSpirit 4099 Unparallelled 780x GERMANY Colonies & Offices COVER Collection

Collectors interested in this area are always eager to hear of fresh to the market leads of important new material. So, this newsflash is a courtesy to those collectors and investors whom we know will be thrilled to have first sight as soon as it becomes available.


***NobleSpirit (PRC) CHINA PRC $1,600,000 Million Dollar MNH Dealer INVENTORY!!!!***






Thank you,

The Noblespirit Team



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