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Generous extensions are readily provided to buyers who wish to obtain certificates for individual stamp lots. Simply notify us in advance or at the time of purchase and advise how much time you require to submit and obtain a certificate. Failures are refunded at 100% of the purchase price, plus shipping both ways only; actual certificate costs are not refunded.


NobleSpirit guarantees your complete privacy during and after this auction.

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NobleSpirit Newsletter - The Future Of Collectibles on eBay, Mid-Summer 20% OFF Sale Goes Live!

It’s no accident that we at NobleSpirit have achieved numerous world record prices on eBay. There are several quite significant and distinctive factors in play.


First, eBay was the first mover global online marketplace auctioneer in the collectibles space. As such, it embarked on a proof of model journey, during which a high degree of affirmation was manifest, both in terms of organic growth and competitive validation. Organic growth was achieved as a result of inherent trends that lay dormant for years until they came to life on the Internet.The Internet is how most people want to explore, discover, acquire, arbitrage on their own terms. Competitive validation lay witness to a slew of copy cat models, many of which have been well funded, conceived and managed; however, could never fully tap into the secret sauce eBay dynamic. What is the nature of that dynamic? It is a zen inexplicable in specific details but easily recognizable via experience.


Fast forward to today. There is a great deal of discussion in the stamp, coin and various other collectibles industries regarding the future and what it may hold for collectors and investors in these sectors. In each of these discussions, the way forward is crystal clear. eBay is the market leader, the dominant force, the go-to place for stamps, coins and collectibles. This an undeniable fact, confirmed by undeniable factual results. And although, recognized authorities in traditional collectibles market venues and institutions may continue to live in denial, it is a documented reality beyond their present scope. At some point, the fact that we at NobleSpirit along with other leading professional merchants on eBay consistently outperform traditional merchants in traditional markets is indicative of the future direction of our industry.


eBay is a 100% trusted marketplace.
NobleSpirit is a 100%  trusted merchant.


But even that is not the entire story.
You want the experience.

The experience of being able to immerse yourself into a vast collection of thousands of individual items that may may be worth many thousands or tens of thousands of dollars by viewing hundreds of photos in ways that may provide you with more information than you may have had the time or inclination to uncover, and set your own price in a .99 cent absolute no reserve auction from the comfort of your own home as you sip your morning coffee, is a convenient advantage that beats the alternative of laborious time and expense to travel, view at the risk of possible disappointment. On eBay, disappointment is merely confined to the context of bidding intensity. At NobleSpirit our best practices of providing hundreds of photos of mixed item collections and dozens of photos of individual items have consistently been referenced by experts as a model that should be adopted by everyone as a true industry standard. Time and again, we have been told that, without exception, we provide more pertinent and vivid information than even first hand viewing. In our research, both anecdotal and data analysis of comparables, we are consistently astonished at prices realized on eBay compared to market leaders in the worlds of brick and mortar auctions, shows and other physical venues. Although this is good news for potential consignors, buyers shouldn’t be discouraged from frequency. As a buyer, I’m always interested in validation that my bid is always worth as much as the underbidder was willing to pay. As a buyer, I’m even more interested in knowing I’m in a vibrant long term market that far outweighs short term gains. In essence, the long term view is the only view.


Mid-Summer 20% OFF Sale Goes Live!
It just happened! If you were watching any of our store items, you just received an automated email notice from eBay to say the 20% OFF sale is live. If not, we strongly recommend you visit our eBay store. Offers have already begun to stream. The next offer may be on something you wanted for yourself!


No one sells more high value stamp collections on eBay than we do at NobleSpirit


NobleSpirit has again been selected as the featured merchant on eBay’s - main stamp category landing page. From there you may also navigate to eBay’s official Consignment Center, where you will again find us as eBay’s officially designated consignment seller for stamps.




When was the last time?

When was the last time you had the opportunity to acquire a complete (99.99%) SUPERB GEM MINT China PRC Stamp Collection? Suffice to say a collector/investor’s dream. This one won’t last long….$160,000




***VISIT OUR Prices Realized AT : NOBLESPIRIT.COM****

****VISIT OUR Newsletter Archives: NOBLESPIRIT.COM****


NobleSpirit {8280} SUPERLATIVE GEM US MINT Stamp COLLECTION w/Certificates!


On those occasions when we have the distinct opportunity to make available an INTACT fresh to the market highly advanced US stamp collection, it doesn’t last long. Once you see this collection, priced at only $138,000 you will quickly appreciate why this one won’t last long either. Opportunities such as this are certainly becoming ever more scarce. No one sells more 6 figure stamp collections on eBay than we do at NobleSpirit.



NobleSpirit {conf} ONCE IN A LIFETIME Confederate Stamp & Cover COLLECTION !!!!

An astonishing collection with many great rarities such as POW's, provisionals, wallpapers and more on and off cover. With rare issues and usages acquired at no expense spared over a period of decades.


***VISIT OUR Prices Realized AT : NOBLESPIRIT.COM****

****VISIT OUR Newsletter Archives: NOBLESPIRIT.COM****



NobleSpirit {4452} SUPERLATIVE Finest INDIAN RESERVATION Collection Of Its KIND!


Less than 2 or 3 collectors on the entire planet may lay claim to ownership of some of great world class rarities, in what may arguably be called the finest Indian Reservation Stamp Collection ever to surface onto the market. If you’d like to be one of a mere handful of collectors. Priced to sell quickly at $55,000 and with best offer option made available for your consideration.


******* Auction Highlights This Week******
From over 5,500 Listings

Speaking of China and PRC, there is a massive quantity on offer at no reserve auction over the 4th of July week, along with premium US classics from No1, 2, $5 Columbians, Trans-Miss, Pictorials, BOB, Revenue, Zeppelins and everything else collectors could hope for. Strong Canada, British Commonwealth, country collections...

***And much, much more .99 cent ABSOLUTE NO RESERVE AUCTIONS….see for yourself!



***VISIT OUR Prices Realized AT : NOBLESPIRIT.COM****

****VISIT OUR Newsletter Archives: NOBLESPIRIT.COM****




Look no further.

-You set the price when buying at absolute no reserve

-You are guaranteed  100% satisfaction when buying or selling

-You are at the center of the single most transparent consignment process on the planet.


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intact as received, at $0.01 -NO RESERVE- on eBay

....each and every evening at 6pm EST


Noblespirit LLC

Box 366

Pittsfield, NH 03263


Thank you,

The Noblespirit Team



***VISIT OUR Prices Realized AT : NOBLESPIRIT.COM****

****VISIT OUR Newsletter Archives: NOBLESPIRIT.COM****



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