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Generous extensions are readily provided to buyers who wish to obtain certificates for individual stamp lots. Simply notify us in advance or at the time of purchase and advise how much time you require to submit and obtain a certificate. Failures are refunded at 100% of the purchase price, plus shipping both ways only; actual certificate costs are not refunded.


NobleSpirit guarantees your complete privacy during and after this auction.

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NobleSpirit Newsletter - eBay & NobleSpirit Penetrating The Upper Stratosphere of Collectibles, A conversation with our customer : PART (1)


We were thrilled to receive this email from a valued customer in response to our last newsletter (dated 7.28.2017). First we offer our customer’s email response to our last newsletter in its entirety and unedited. Second, we shall endeavor to supply our response.

Quote Anonymous Customer: “I am a stamp collector and have purchased some items from you in the past.  I enjoy reading your newsletter as it gives me some insight into the auction market and the thinking employed by sellers in that market.  Many of the insights you've provided have been useful to me.  I am not a reseller, nor affiliated with any, nor with any auction company or platform.


This newsletter, however, left me a bit ambivalent about your neutrality as a reseller who serves both buyers and sellers.  Please notice that I say "a bit" and that I don't consider you to in any way be a disreputable reseller.  But you clearly have shown your biases in at least a couple of ways.


(PART (1) 1.  The first bias is this newsletter's unabashed advertisement for eBay as an auction platform.  It makes me wonder what benefits you have received for your unqualified endorsement of them specifically, with no mention of other online auction venues.


(PART (2) 2.  Your claim that you get great prices for your consignments;  "we are consistently astonished at prices realized compared to ...." other alternatives.  Apart from the competitive implications of your statement, as a buyer I'm left somewhat suspect as to your motivations since you provide no specific evidence to support your claim made in the previous sentence.  For example, you don't discuss the quality of the material sold by you compared brick and mortar auction houses.  Are you truly considering "apples to apples" comparisons when you make such assertions?


As a buyer, maybe you now have a little understanding about my ambivalence about your recognition that you serve BOTH buyers and sellers.  After all, without buyers you have absolutely no revenue, and therefore no viable business model.


Additionally, as a buyer, I have sharply curtailed my purchases of stamps over the past many months as I've come to realized the size of the "bubble" in this market and it's unsustainability (which is also true of all asset markets today).  These factors make me very reluctant to make further purchases at this time.  Metaphorically, this market is driven by a herd mentality that will inevitably find itself at the edge of a cliff.


(PART (3) If you want to appeal to me as a buyer, you need to tell me why I should be buying stamps at these "bubble" prices.  This newsletter actually reinforced my view of the precariousness of the stamp market.


I'm not asking you to unsubscribe me to your newsletters.  I found this newsletter to be useful, but not in the ways you intended.


Thank you for listening.”




NobleSpirit Response PART (1) :  First, Thank you so much to our anonymous client, for your very kind and considered communication. There were so many excellent point you raised that it would not do justice to attempt to respond to all of them in a single newsletter. Therefore, we will complete our response in the next 2 newsletters (3 total) over the course of the next 30 days.

“1.  The first bias is this newsletter's unabashed advertisement for eBay as an auction platform.  It makes me wonder what benefits you have received for your unqualified endorsement of them specifically, with no mention of other online auction venues.”


While NobleSpirit has indeed been selected as eBay’s exclusive consignment seller for stamps and consistently selected as a featured seller on eBay’s stamp category pages, we absolutely do not receive any other special treatment with regard to fees, volume discount or placement than any other seller on eBay. In that regard, eBay is a level playing field where all merchants are equally free to sell as much or as little as they wish, by incorporating as much of the full spectrum of best practices and infrastructural efficiencies as they are able. This core belief has been the elemental strategy that has established eBay as the great pioneer ecommerce incubator, enabling entrepreneurs to grow from the germ of an idea to global enterprises. As true today, as it was 20 years ago at eBay’s inception. Most small businesses one is likely to encounter either on their own website or any other marketplace probably started their ecommerce life and proved their online business model on eBay.


The thrust of our enthusiasm for the eBay marketplace is based on the fact that eBay, as the first mover in our space, undoubtedly had the greatest impact in the transformation from traditional venues at the time of its transition online. As such, the depth and breadth of eBay’s resources in the collectibles space has created a steady pace of early adoption and innovation by reputable merchants, consequently inducing profound investiture in the platform.

We are one of those merchants who are heavily invested in the eBay marketplace. Our infrastructure, technology, management, and forward thinking strategic and tactical objectives, are all 100% focused on the eBay marketplace. For us the reason to commit has been simple. It is the future. We provide more information, about more product, in more efficient, exciting and extraordinary ways than any traditional venue can possibly compare or compete. The proof of the pudding is in the register (which we will expand on in PART 2).


The contraction we see in traditional venues should not be confused or mistaken as an attrition. It is simply a shift to a more efficient, more cohesive, more comprehensive, non-fragmented way of seeing the world of collectibles; and, the way things are done on eBay. Marketplaces are consolidators.


It wasn’t that long ago that the mere handful of television channels we invited into our livingrooms, formed the basis of a more intimately shared like minded cultural and political compass. Today, we are a society of diversity faced with the unprecedented challenge of assimilating the sheer magnitude and intensity of information that we are bombarded with. Like never before, our values and opinions have crossed over into a new experiential dimension.  With respect to the collectibles experience on eBay, we believe this means that merchants must be capable of adapting to changing client expectations and trends. Only the most accomplished merchants will be equipped to meet those needs and constraints. In answer to the original question above, traditional auction, show and other venues, rely on collectors and investors to channel energy and attention within the limited parameters of the physical venue itself. eCommerce knows no such bounds. In the future, even physical definitions will take on new meaning online. The collectibles experience on eBay will not be confined to mere tactile paradigm. Time in the future will become as irrelevant as distance is today.

NobleSpirit Response PART (2) Next time…..



No one sells more high value stamp collections on eBay than we do at NobleSpirit


NobleSpirit has again been selected as the featured merchant on eBay’s - main stamp category landing page. From there you may also navigate to eBay’s official Consignment Center, where you will again find us as eBay’s officially designated consignment seller for stamps.


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NobleSpirit {8280} SUPERLATIVE GEM US MINT Stamp COLLECTION w/Certificates!


On those occasions when we have the distinct opportunity to make available an INTACT fresh to the market highly advanced US stamp collection, it doesn’t last long. Once you see this collection, priced at only $138,000 you will quickly appreciate why this one won’t last long either. Opportunities such as this are certainly becoming ever more scarce. No one sells more 6 figure stamp collections on eBay than we do at NobleSpirit.



NobleSpirit {conf} ONCE IN A LIFETIME Confederate Stamp & Cover COLLECTION !!!!

An astonishing collection with many great rarities such as POW's, provisionals, wallpapers and more on and off cover. With rare issues and usages acquired at no expense spared over a period of decades.


***VISIT OUR Prices Realized AT : NOBLESPIRIT.COM****

****VISIT OUR Newsletter Archives: NOBLESPIRIT.COM****



NobleSpirit {4452} SUPERLATIVE Finest INDIAN RESERVATION Collection Of Its KIND!


Less than 2 or 3 collectors on the entire planet may lay claim to ownership of some of great world class rarities, in what may arguably be called the finest Indian Reservation Stamp Collection ever to surface onto the market. If you’d like to be one of a mere handful of collectors. Priced to sell quickly at $55,000 and with best offer option made available for your consideration.


******* Auction Highlights This Week******
From over 5,500 Listings

Speaking of China and PRC, there is a massive quantity on offer at no reserve auction over the 4th of July week, along with premium US classics from No1, 2, $5 Columbians, Trans-Miss, Pictorials, BOB, Revenue, Zeppelins and everything else collectors could hope for. Strong Canada, British Commonwealth, country collections...

***And much, much more .99 cent ABSOLUTE NO RESERVE AUCTIONS….see for yourself!

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* Over 65,000 customers!
* Over 76 countries served around the globe!
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