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Generous extensions are readily provided to buyers who wish to obtain certificates for individual stamp lots. Simply notify us in advance or at the time of purchase and advise how much time you require to submit and obtain a certificate. Failures are refunded at 100% of the purchase price, plus shipping both ways only; actual certificate costs are not refunded.


NobleSpirit guarantees your complete privacy during and after this auction.

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eBay Marketplace News

There are three items for consideration this week.

First, the so called MarketPlace Fairness Act continues to loom over small businesses in this country. It has officially been re-introduced by a group of Senators following its defeat in the 113th Congress. Suffice to say that should this bill become successful at some stage, it would undoubtedly pose some of most severe implications for our national economy. The potential negative effects on small business are simply unimagined by lawmakers and moreover unimaginable by the rest of us.


As a collector and investor, the freedom you currently enjoy to engage an entire economy within an economy of great dealers and service industry providers would simply disappear. These great businesses would be unable to cope with the unprecedented burdens these new tax laws would place on them.

The solution is actually quite simple. Each of us has a network that when correctly executed provides a quite viable sphere of influence. At Noblespirit we circulate this newsletter every Friday to 65,000 established customers plus another 100,000 subscribers. The sum quantifiable number of all the collective networks of all these individual recipients is beyond conception. As a first step, connecting with your network with a view to growing in awareness of this problem would set into motion positive interaction between government and the governed, if only to begin to make a collective voice heard.

Next, eBay recently introduced its new eBay Valet program. Basically it provides for a selected group of professional merchants who will sell just about anything for anybody. It makes all the sense in the world to utilize professional sellers who can provide a great customer experience at scale. The personal service one finds in a casual transactions can be just as rewarding, but eBay has embarked on a mission to discover professional sellers who can deliver that same personal service and more on a reliable and consistent level. Going forward, under its new leadership, with Devin Wenig at the helm, eBay appears to be much more fully focused on better leveraging the enormous hidden value of its professional seller base through a more tangible definition of the potential vibrant partnership that exists there. If you ask me from whom you should buy, I will always answer from reliable merchants. The fact that eBay is a trusted marketplace born out of a series of safe trading partners is now undisputed more than ever. Just as the cream rises to the top, these great merchants have emerged organically as well as being supported by a series of eBay marketplace and PayPal 100% guarantees.

Lastly, congratulations to eBay on the exciting conclusion of its recent internal women's summit. Clearly, a demonstration of a company with tremendous vision; but, more importantly putting its money where its vision is. What better way to enable the diversity of ideas and experience embedded withing your corporate culture than to reduce friction and eliminate barriers. Don't forget to leave partisan politics at the door, before you click on the following link. This is not about politics.



The onward march of world class Morgan Dollar VAM varieties continues. We started last week, If you missed our last newsletter, you may have missed about 1/3 of the collection so far. Every day for the next 7 days please continue to watch carefully for one of the finest NGC and PCGS graded VAM variety collections ever offered as a group series. Please review our  listings daily and carefully.

The Cosmic Dealer Inventory:


Incredibly enough we have just taken delivery of a lifetime dealer stock of unparallelled proportions. We are sorry to see this fantastic old time dealer go. However, it brings to the table some incredible opportunities for our customers in search of intact collections. We reference here entire room fulls of material that are yielding literally thousands of albums, in the form or specialized country albums and multi-volume world collections. Thousands of country sorted red box retail ready inventories, sorted and priced glassines, an untold stock of very valuable very early FDC's and postal history. All offered *INTACT*. As the material comes out of its transport carton, it goes staright to our photographers where we along with yourselves will have first sight of the material. Every day will literally yield a new treasure to discover. Look for our consignor code lot#8112 in our titles. If you've ever wondered what the letters and digits that follow "No Reserve" and precede the actual title designate, they are consignor identifiers.

New Arrivals:


A fantastic US MINT CLASSIC STOCK. Visit our listings daily for US MINT singles and sets from #1 and #2, 38, 9, Complete mint 1869 Pictorials, Columbians, Trans-Mississippi, BOB, Revenue, and every sector of rare stamp one can hope for.

A world Class postal history collection continues to make its way onto our eBay listings daily, from Confederate covers, to Civil War Patriotics, illustrated Advertising, US Key Classics, Stampless, rare Air Mail flights, first days and much more.

Thank you,

The Noblespirit Team

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