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Generous extensions are readily provided to buyers who wish to obtain certificates for individual stamp lots. Simply notify us in advance or at the time of purchase and advise how much time you require to submit and obtain a certificate. Failures are refunded at 100% of the purchase price, plus shipping both ways only; actual certificate costs are not refunded.


NobleSpirit guarantees your complete privacy during and after this auction.

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NobleSpirit Newsletter + NEWSFLASH : eBay & NobleSpirit Penetrating The Upper Stratosphere of Collectibles, A conversation with our customer : PART (3)



25% OFF NobleSpirit FALL Sale Just Started! We suggest you visit our listings at your earliest convenience before the items you have been watching are sold to another lucky collector/investor. We don’t hold sales often. This will likely be the last one for 2017. Yesterday a lucky collector in the Mid-West bought a heavily discounted fabulous US Cut Square collection he was watching for only $13,000. Best offers are coming in with increasing frequency. Put your best offer in now on that great collection, you’ve had your eye on.



Look for NobleSpirit on eBay’s Home page over the next few days!
NobleSpirit is proud to announce our participation in eBay’s DAILY DEAL Program.
We’re currently offering 2 great DISCOUNT POSTAGE Listings for heavily discounted postage! There is a 20% Off $100 package at limited quantities. And a limited quantity $50 package at 15% OFF. Buyers may buy up to 3 packets each. It’s all FAST & FREE SHIPPING.
We’re proud to be selected for the Daily Deal program. And, take great pleasure in the reviews that are already coming in!

“Better Than I Hoped For

While I didn't add up the value of the pile of stamps that came I trust that the face value is as much as (or possibly even more than) the $50 promised. What makes this really special is the number of mint condition vintage stamps. What a great way to make notes and cards even more special! (And just knowing some poor postal worker is going to have to use his addition skills to figure out if I've used the right amount makes me smile....)”

Bought 4 of these. All good quality. Nice selection. I'm not a stamp collector, but one set had some really older stamps WW I or WWII one would have to take time and look them up. May be of greater value to the right person, but I'm using them as stamps. I like variety, and there was lots of that. Thank you.”


Newsletter : eBay & NobleSpirit Penetrating The Upper Stratosphere of Collectibles, A conversation with our customer : PART (3)


We were thrilled to receive this email from a valued customer in response to our newsletter (dated 7.28.2017). First we offer our customer’s email response to that newsletter in its entirety and unedited. Second, we shall endeavor to supply our response.

Quote Anonymous Customer: “I am a stamp collector and have purchased some items from you in the past.  I enjoy reading your newsletter as it gives me some insight into the auction market and the thinking employed by sellers in that market.  Many of the insights you've provided have been useful to me.  I am not a reseller, nor affiliated with any, nor with any auction company or platform.


This newsletter, however, left me a bit ambivalent about your neutrality as a reseller who serves both buyers and sellers.  Please notice that I say "a bit" and that I don't consider you to in any way be a disreputable reseller.  But you clearly have shown your biases in at least a couple of ways.


(PART (1) 1.  The first bias is this newsletter's unabashed advertisement for eBay as an auction platform.  It makes me wonder what benefits you have received for your unqualified endorsement of them specifically, with no mention of other online auction venues.


(PART (2) 2.  Your claim that you get great prices for your consignments;  "we are consistently astonished at prices realized compared to ...." other alternatives.  Apart from the competitive implications of your statement, as a buyer I'm left somewhat suspect as to your motivations since you provide no specific evidence to support your claim made in the previous sentence.  For example, you don't discuss the quality of the material sold by you compared brick and mortar auction houses.  Are you truly considering "apples to apples" comparisons when you make such assertions?


As a buyer, maybe you now have a little understanding about my ambivalence about your recognition that you serve BOTH buyers and sellers.  After all, without buyers you have absolutely no revenue, and therefore no viable business model.


Additionally, as a buyer, I have sharply curtailed my purchases of stamps over the past many months as I've come to realized the size of the "bubble" in this market and it's unsustainability (which is also true of all asset markets today).  These factors make me very reluctant to make further purchases at this time.  Metaphorically, this market is driven by a herd mentality that will inevitably find itself at the edge of a cliff.


(PART (3) If you want to appeal to me as a buyer, you need to tell me why I should be buying stamps at these "bubble" prices.  This newsletter actually reinforced my view of the precariousness of the stamp market.


I'm not asking you to unsubscribe me to your newsletters.  I found this newsletter to be useful, but not in the ways you intended.


Thank you for listening.”




NobleSpirit Response PART (3) :  Thank you so much again to our anonymous client, for your very kind and considered communication. There were so many excellent points you raised that it would not do justice to attempt to respond to all of them in a single newsletter. This edition represents the last installment of the 3 part reply over the last 3 newsletters..

(PART 3) “If you want to appeal to me as a buyer, you need to tell me why I should be buying stamps at these "bubble" prices.  This newsletter actually reinforced my view of the precariousness of the stamp market. I'm not asking you to subscribe me to your newsletters.  I found this newsletter to be useful, but not in the ways you intended.

Thank you for listening.”


The best way to answer this question in Part 3 is to simply let the numbers speak for themselves. I could suggest that the best reason to do anything at all is simply passion itself. Indeed as we witness the most fervent discussions in every political arena these past few months, we observe that the most intellectually charged analysis is nothing more than an expression of deeply held beliefs fueled by pure passion. Whether someone will ultimately be proven either wrong or right regarding facts, we as a culture will never mend the corrosive forces that divide and minimize us until we recognize that those things that drive us as human beings are common to all of us, shared by us all. And yet, there is so much more than mere facts at stake. As powerful as the impact of political interaction is on our psyche, our passion for the things that we collect to define our very selves is far more intense. And, while power itself is fleeting, that which makes us who we are is much more, well…. Tangible. And that experience, the manifestation of that passion is evident in the numbers.


NobleSpirit Traffic Analytics on eBay

Aug 20, 2017 -   Sept 18, 2017  =       9,626,095 Listing Impressions

June 20, 2017 -  Sept 18, 2017  =     29,974,783 Listing Impressions (3 months)
Jan 20, 2017   -  Sept 18, 2017 =   956,875,520 Listing Impressions (9 months)

A listing impression occurs when a live query is executed by a viewer.

Aug 20, 2017 -   Sept 18, 2017  =      204,671   Page Views
June 20, 2017 -  Sept 18, 2017  =      615, 513 Page Views
Jan 20, 2017   -  Sept 18, 2017  =   1,943,792  Page Views
Page views of specific NobleSpirit listed items


Our statistics also tell us that compared to a year ago, while the market is up 8.3%, NobleSpirit is up 123% on eBay.


At these benchmark levels, it is safe to assume the stamp market itself is engaged at stratospheric heights never before seen in traditional stamp market venues. Essentially, the physical land based constraints have been eradicated by the internet and augmented by a global sphere without borders.



This is a list of the latest high dollar collections sold by NobleSpirit on eBay in just the last 2 months (60 days). The proof of the pudding to be found conclusively ‘in the register’.
***SOLD***NobleSpirit Once in A Lifetime GRAF ZEPPELIN Collection 5 vol 322 RARE COVERS!= $39,750.00

***SOLD***NobleSpirit {2013A} Meticulous Mint US 5 Volume Specialized Collection High CV!= $56,000.00

***SOLD***NobleSpirit {1023} COLOSSAL 100+ Scott Album COLLECTION From 1840 INTACT ESTATE!= $78,000.00

***SOLD***NobleSpirit (GC2) SUPERB GEM MINT China PRC Nr. COMPLETE 6 vol MASSIVE CV!= $160,000.00

***SOLD***Noblespirit NO RESERVE 3959 COLOSSAL A-Z 16 vol Scott COLLECTION 1200 PHOTOS! =$39,000.00

***SOLD***NobleSpirit 8431} Unsurpassed US Mint & Used Specialized 3 Vol. Album Collection= $175,000.00

***SOLD***NobleSpirit (TH1) Very Rare GREAT BRITAIN O1 Pair GEM XF =$70,000 w/Certificate= $60,000.00

***SOLD***NobleSpirit (TH1) World Class GEM US Mint $110,000 cv Stamp Collection=$25,000.00

***SOLD***NobleSpirit {8280} SUPERLATIVE GEM US MINT Stamp COLLECTION w/Certificates!= $95,000.00

***SOLD***Noblespirit {8430} 1840-1940 $1.7 Million Stamp Collection 121 CERTIFICATES!= $375,000.00



No one sells more high value stamp collections on eBay than we do at NobleSpirit


NobleSpirit has again been selected as the featured merchant on eBay’s - main stamp category landing page. From there you may also navigate to eBay’s official Consignment Center, where you will again find us as eBay’s officially designated consignment seller for stamps.



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******* Auction Highlights This Week******
From over 5,500 Listings

Speaking of China and PRC, there is a massive quantity on offer at no reserve auction over the 4th of July week, along with premium US classics from No1, 2, $5 Columbians, Trans-Miss, Pictorials, BOB, Revenue, Zeppelins and everything else collectors could hope for. Strong Canada, British Commonwealth, country collections...

***And much, much more .99 cent ABSOLUTE NO RESERVE AUCTIONS….see for yourself!



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The Noblespirit Team



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****VISIT OUR Newsletter Archives: NOBLESPIRIT.COM****



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