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Generous extensions are readily provided to buyers who wish to obtain certificates for individual stamp lots. Simply notify us in advance or at the time of purchase and advise how much time you require to submit and obtain a certificate. Failures are refunded at 100% of the purchase price, plus shipping both ways only; actual certificate costs are not refunded.


NobleSpirit guarantees your complete privacy during and after this auction.

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NobleSpirit Newsletter  - eBay's CEO, Devin Wenig on Transforming The User Experience in 2018, Hurry Don't miss your Train....500 Lionel Engines


eBay Q4 2017 Results - Earnings call transcript excerpts:
Devin Wenig, eBay CEO, quote:
The full transcript may be found here; (

"....we've made great progress against our key strategic priorities to drive the best choice, the most relevance and a powerful selling platform while sharpening the eBay brand. This strategy is enabling us to transform the eBay experience and accelerate the growth of our business."


".....We significantly simplified and improved our customer experience and built equity in our brand. We built a strong foundation of structured data with the majority of our listings now tied to our product catalog and 14% of all traffic landing on catalog-enabled experiences and we've done this while accelerating growth in our core eBay platform by nearly three points...."

"Looking to 2018, our strategy remains unchanged. We intend to raise the bar on our customer experience and again accelerate growth despite tougher comps. We'll focus on key areas of our user experience, including search, delivery and returns, customer service and payments, while continually planting the seeds of technology innovation. Let me share a few examples of our plans."

"We will take the next step in transforming our user experience, including on eBay search, by launching a full product-based commerce experience for relevant inventory. This experience will leverage our structured data catalog in a more holistic way than we've previously done."

"We'll do this while also focusing on our overall search experience using data and AI to improve our recall and relevance. We'll continue to shrink delivery times by expanding Guaranteed Delivery and work with our sellers to provide retail standard experiences for consumers. This will include enabling our vastly simplified returns process for buyers and sellers."

"Our technology innovation continues to focus on emerging platforms such as artificial intelligence, voice and image technology, virtual and augmented reality and distributed commerce. I've often said that eBay runs on AI, powering many aspects of our buying and selling experience."

"In 2018, we'll focus our AI capabilities on computer vision, personalization, search and dynamic pricing capabilities for our sellers. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and mixed reality are becoming viable platforms for development."

"As this tech becomes more consumer-friendly and accessible, eBay will take advantage of their unique capabilities, delivering immersive and engaging buying and selling experiences. And there is a step-change opportunity to remove friction from the user experience by allowing users to interact with eBay by simply typing a message or using their voice to engage a digital assistant."

"In 2018, we plan on taking the first step towards unifying conversational commerce with the core eBay shopping experience, providing seamless voice or text assistance when needed within our desktop and app platforms. 2018 will be a year of significant focus on customer service."

Oh, and yes....with exciting news regarding the future of payments with eBay's acquisition of Ayden and continued investment in the's a great time to buy eBay shares according to a number of forecasters....



COMMENTARY (NobleSpirit):

It certainly is quite exciting for us to be so deeply rooted in the eBay marketplace. For us at NobleSpirit, we view our partnership with eBay in perhaps the simplest terms possible. There's no need to reinvent the wheel. Not only does eBay bring a global marketplace to the table, a vast multi-layered, multi-functional distribution network, it does so with astonishingly profound economic and human resources. A capability positioned to drive cutting edge innovation. Indeed it is a challenge to imagine the scale at which this company operates without visibility into the working parts. However, every once in a while we get a glimpse into the internal mechanism.

For our part, we at NobleSpirit, are committed to doing what we can with our own human and technological resources to make sure the wheel is well lubricated, properly inflated, and thus turning with maximum efficiency. On certain parallels both NobleSpirit and eBay ecosystems are joined at the hip.


In this regard, we are obliged to contribute constructive criticism when we feel compelled to do so. It must be said that although there can be no doubt that deep data can tell us more than we could ever know about our very selves. However, if the intangibles that drive our passion to collect are inexplicable to ourselves, they would certainly elude even the most intelligent of machines.

Artificial intelligence makes all the sense imaginable in a behavioral mainstream consumer world. However, in a world driven by the excitement of serendipitous discovery it literally nullifies the essence of passion itself. On a practical level, while we as collectors spend vast sums and endless hours, compartmentalizing and organizing, it is actually physically impossible to categorize who we are as collectors, moreover how and certainly what we collect. 

At NobleSpirit, we live in the hope that 'product based search and display' never makes it to collectibles. This is an exciting time for collectibles on eBay. With a best in class management team leadership that has literally reshaped the marketplace in the last few years. And new visionary directors such as Sam Bright committed to making eBay's Collectibles categories the dominant force on the Internet, there is a whole host of fresh and innovative ideas that would literally redefine the experience of collecting through the uniqueness of what makes us humans instead of machines. 




500 Lionel Engines

This week, yes right now and for the next 5 days until March 5th, the arrival of 500 Lionel Engines, rail cars, landscapes and accessories from a massive estate. Check our listings every day for new arrivals and ....departures at absolute NO RESERVE........ the highest bidder!



Over $15,000,000 million dollars in inventory


-Over 1,300 no reserve auctions of great US and world wide rarities and premium issues from Zeppelins to dollar value Columbians, top of set Great Britain, British Commonwealth, Premium China, Asia, Europe and much, much more. Please take note that these no reserve auctions over the course of the next few days will offer best in class, top quality material that one never sees offered at absolute no reserve!

-An incredible not one or two or three, but FIVE fabulous US specialized stamp collections totalling over $3,500,000 million dollars in catalogue value. And listed at $750,000 sale prices, ranging in price from $50,000.00 to $295,000.00. Please see the list just below following this notice.


-A fantastic array of multi-volume world wide stamp album collections, with values in the 5-6 figure range. All intact estates sold as received from the consignor. Many of these estate collections are simply packed with loads of discoveries waiting to be found!


Click on our eBay Store to see millions of dollars worth of stamp collections.

Click on our eBay no reserve auctions for an amazing and exciting journey into rare opportunity.


New Blockbuster US stamp collection arrivals.




New Blockbuster WW Arrivals:


---NobleSpirit (GC3) TIME CAPSULE Schaubek $1,700,000 MILLION Stamp Collection!    1800'S CLASSIC WORLD RARITIES w/ OVER 100 CERTIFICATES!  -  $295,000            


---NobleSpirit (MEX) Mexico $1,200,000 Million 698-706, C54-61 MINT SHEET DISCOVERY - $460,000   

It should be noted with considerable emphasis that the opportunity to acquire intact high value advanced US and world wide collections is seldom if rarely seen these days. Other than here at NobleSpirit on eBay, collections such as these are almost never seen available intact since most traditional auction houses (due to their self-limiting physical constraints) are instructed to break these collections into individual lots of single stamps or sets, for maximum exposure.

At NobleSpirit, eBay makes it possible for us to fully represent large mixed collections with as many photographs as necessary to cover all the material. We have sold collections for $100,000’s simply because we are able to provide you with as many as hundreds or even thousands (100’s-1,000’s) of photographs with the precise methodology in which you wish to experience them. The techniques we deploy in our listings provide you with the ability to derive the maximum information in the most efficient, effortless and convenient format possible. We know what you want to know, inorder to make the best educated buying decision possible.


World record prices continue on eBay!

No one takes notice of the average. We take notice of the uniquely extraordinary. We invest best in what makes us who we are. Wise investments for astute passionate collectors. NobleSpirit has now sold 3 of these rare & desirable stamp rarities (only 31 discovered of only 100 produced) for a world record price total of $223,000. No one has sold more of these or for more money anywhere else. Only on eBay. Only on eBay, no one has sold more 6 figure stamp collections on eBay than . Astute HNW investors making wise investments on every day.

No one sells more high value stamp collections on eBay than we do at NobleSpirit

NobleSpirit has again been selected as the featured merchant on eBay’s - main stamp category landing page. From there you may also navigate to eBay’s official Consignment Center, where you will again find us as eBay’s officially designated consignment seller for stamps.

NobleSpirit Traffic Analytics on eBay

Aug 20, 2017 -   Sept 18, 2017  =       9,626,095 Listing Impressions
June 20, 2017 -  Sept 18, 2017  =     29,974,783 Listing Impressions (3 months)
Jan 20, 2017   -  Sept 18, 2017 =   956,875,520 Listing Impressions (9 months)
A listing impression occurs when a live query is executed by a viewer.

Aug 20, 2017 -   Sept 18, 2017  =      204,671   Page Views
June 20, 2017 -  Sept 18, 2017  =      615, 513 Page Views
Jan 20, 2017   -  Sept 18, 2017  =   1,943,792  Page Views
Page views of specific NobleSpirit listed items



NobleSpirit Prices Realized (small selection)

This is a list of the latest high dollar collections sold by NobleSpirit on eBay in just the last 2 months (60 days).

***SOLD***NobleSpirit Once in A Lifetime GRAF ZEPPELIN Collection 5 vol 322 RARE COVERS!=    $39,750.00
***SOLD***NobleSpirit {2013A} Meticulous Mint US 5 Volume Specialized Collection High CV!=     $56,000.00
***SOLD***NobleSpirit {1023} COLOSSAL 100+ Scott Album COLLECTION From 1840 INTACT ESTATE!=    $78,000.00
***SOLD***NobleSpirit (GC2) SUPERB GEM MINT China PRC Nr. COMPLETE 6 vol MASSIVE CV!=    $160,000.00
***SOLD***Noblespirit NO RESERVE 3959 COLOSSAL A-Z 16 vol Scott COLLECTION 1200 PHOTOS!    =$39,000.00
***SOLD***NobleSpirit 8431} Unsurpassed US Mint & Used Specialized 3 Vol. Album Collection=    $175,000.00
***SOLD***NobleSpirit (TH1) Very Rare GREAT BRITAIN O1 Pair GEM XF =$70,000 w/Certificate=    $60,000.00
***SOLD***NobleSpirit (TH1) World Class GEM US Mint $110,000 cv Stamp Collection=$25,000.00
***SOLD***NobleSpirit {8280} SUPERLATIVE GEM US MINT Stamp COLLECTION w/Certificates!=    $95,000.00
***SOLD***Noblespirit {8430} 1840-1940 $1.7 Million Stamp Collection 121 CERTIFICATES!=    $375,000.00


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-You are guaranteed  100% satisfaction when buying or selling
-You are at the center of the single most transparent consignment process on the planet.

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We sell stamp and coin collections,
intact as received, at $0.01 -NO RESERVE- on eBay
....each and every evening at 6pm EST

Thank you,
The Noblespirit Team

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